About Us

Have $5? Want $5 more? Great: we do too! Fourerr was founded on the belief that to win a marathon, every kilometer counts. When you want to accomplish anything big in life, you must set goals and start small to get big results. Fourerr is your platform for accomplishment. Our mission is to bring together smart buyers with smart sellers in the context of affordability. Fourerr was established because we saw a real shift in terms of how we work and buy.

Online marketplaces aren't just for physical goods anymore: now, we can buy soft goods such as graphic design and tech expertise the way we order take out food off a menu (cheap, fast and good). Amazing, right? We also believe online marketplaces change the way we work - on our own and as a group. At Fourerr, we empower our buyers and sellers to build their dreams, one micro-job at a time.

More Than Just A Marketplace

What is Fourerr? To start, we're not just another anonymous online marketplace: our top-notch community stands out from the crowd. Our buyers and sellers are like-minded individuals who see the value in delegating small tasks and getting them done for a flat rate. The way we work and buy has changed (for the better), and Fourerr is a safe, trustworthy and fun environment in which to do both. 

We've been connecting our team of talented sellers with happy customers for over three years. Because we know reputation and trust is everything in the online world, we use a state-of-the-art escrow system that safeguards your dollars until your work is done.

Meet the team behind Fourerr!


Clement Okube, CEO and Founder

Clement is a husband and father of four lovely children, and a prolific IT Entrepreneur who has built several award-winning websites for UK and Belgium driving web sites. He is also the brains behind a self-certification that allows online studying in an adaptive online center for IT talents. In his free time, he trains to compete in long distance triathlons.


Joy, Marketing Strategist

Marissa is a Digital Marketing Strategist who takes pride in pushing the limits of what businesses think they can achieve with their brands online. An enthusiast of all things disruptive and a serious adrenaline junkie, she will chase new ideas to the edge of a cliff...literally-speaking!


Nwanpali, Business Support/VA

Shafim is currently studying Civil Engineering in Bangladesh. He has been working as a Virtual Assistant for a long time and is a pro at what he does. Passionate and dedicated, Shafim has a keen eye for quality work and is always focused on producing big results.


Praise Okube, Social Media Marketer

Mai is a wife and a Work-At-Home-Mom of three. She loves freelance writing and social media marketing. If she is not busy with her online job, you'll find her updating her personal blog under the name of�"Story Book Mom". When Mai's not working or writing (or both), she enjoys all things, "DIY" and takes pride in calling herself a digital scrapbook and crafts aficionado.


Princewill Okube, Web Designer

Luís is an autodidact Front-End Developer based in Portugal. He has worked as a freelancer since 2009 and is currently studying Computer Science. Luis is passionate about creating beautiful, professional designs using the latest standards and best practices around. As a child, he loved everything about computers and code. For Luis, web design was love at first sight and he immediately started making websites by applying his self-taught knowledge and passion.


Awesome, Senior Developer

Nishadh is a veteran Software Developer who has worked in the development of various category of software products for over a decade. Currently, he works as development lead at Fourerr. Nishadh loves music, and if he hadn’t pursued a career as a rockstar coder, he would most likely be a singer-songwriter.


Omiken, Customer Support Lead

Abby has a Psychology degree, is a trained aged carer and is currently studying Education Support in Australia. She has been working as a Customer/Technical Support Representative for 8 years. During these past 8 years, Abby has worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of one of the Philippine's largest companies. In addition to her time with Fourerr, she is also a tutor for Digital Literacy for people in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds and works as a facilitator of Cultural Awareness Development at Schools program. She loves to play instruments and is an animal lover too!


Balami, Graphics Designer

Sunil is a Graphics designer from India with more than nine years of experience in his creative field. Nothing is too impossible for him to design for the Web and print media. He has a sharp eye on the latest trend and themes in the design world. Working as graphics designer with Fourerr, he is responsible in creating media to help with the site's branding and marketing efforts. From playing with his 'toy computer' as a kid, he now enjoys a successful career with a real one.



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